Andrew Tate Said Lil Nas X And Drill Artists Are Much Worse Than Him - WhatsOnRap

Andrew Tate says Lil Nas X and drill artists are the real problem

Lil Nas X, Music's favorite funny guy, is again throwing in an attempt to place far-right psychos in their position.

This time, incel representative Andrew Tate is knocked out (with an appearance from, ugh, Piers Morgan). Tate appeared on Morgan's Uncensored talk program to explain his enormous fall and dodged as hard as possible.

The former pro-kickboxer-turned-internet-troll felt he wanted to discredit some renowned Black guys in order to seem better, and his first target was Lil Nas X.

To his credit, the host ended up calling some of Tate's comments "offensive," which prompted Tate to become irritated and defensive. Less to his credit, the host quickly began backpedaling. In response to Tate's superfluous shoutout, Lil Nas X took a far more direct approach.

His answer ranks alongside Rihanna's hall-of-fame Celebuzz-ending clapback in the "why you all up in my p*ssy, boy?" category.

Tate will undoubtedly appreciate the attention. After all, he was deemed to be so bad that he was evicted from nearly every major social media platform on the web.

He was kicked off Twitter in 2017 for his misogynistic views, which included saying that rape survivors "bear some responsibility," along with other things. From there, things only got worse.

Tate apparently thought he'd be at home on Piers Morgan Uncensored after Morgan was booted from Good Morning Britain for a series of racist and misogynistic remarks about Meghan Markle. Even two wrongs didn't make a right in this case or is Tate just incapable of getting along with others? In any case, it's evident that his first objective should be to get off Lil Nas X's jock.