Wack100 Declares Drake the Winner in Kendrick Lamar Beef After 'Euphoria' Diss, Post Listening to 'Euphoria'

Wack 100 Unveils Winner of Kendrick Lamar & Drake Beef

Wack 100 Critiques Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria" Diss in Drake Beef Analysis
Wack 100, a prominent figure in the hip-hop community known for his outspoken views. While some may dismiss his opinions, others eagerly await his insights. 

Operating primarily on the West Coast, Wack's perspective often carries weight, especially when it comes to artists representing Los Angeles, like Kendrick Lamar.

Following the release of Kendrick's diss track "Euphoria," DJ Akademiks hosted a live stream on various platforms, including Rumble, Twitch, and YouTube. 
During the stream, Wack 100 dialed in to share his thoughts on the situation. 

Surprisingly, Wack wasn't overly impressed with Kendrick's offering, expressing a desire for a more "West Coast" vibe and feeling that some of Kendrick's points echoed those made by Pusha T in the past.

Wack 100 Reveals His Pick in Kendrick Lamar & Drake Beef:

DJ Akademiks, a staunch supporter of Drake throughout the feud, quickly echoed Wack's sentiments. The divide among fans is palpable, with both Kendrick and Drake boasting substantial followings. 

Like in politics, many have already chosen sides, and the ongoing beef continues to divide the hip-hop community.

The beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has ignited fierce debate within the rap world. With each diss track and response, the stakes seem to rise, as fans eagerly await the next move from both camps.

 In the meantime, Wack 100's critique adds another layer to the ongoing discourse, providing insight from a respected voice within the industry.

As the feud unfolds, it's clear that tensions are high, and the outcome remains uncertain. Whether Kendrick or Drake ultimately emerges as the victor, one thing is certain: the rivalry between the two hip-hop heavyweights will be remembered as a defining moment in rap history.

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