A famous YOUTUBER who has proposed a turned into a BOXER named JACK PAUL has proposed an offer which is organizing a boxing match between KANYE WEST& PETE DAVIDSON. 
On MONDAY JACK PAUL uploaded a video on his INSTAGRAM account, suggesting his own solution to KANYE WEST & PETE DAVIDSON about their growing feud, he said: " I have an official offer for KANYE WEST and PETE DAVIDSON, I have 30 million$ for each of you, guaranteed, plus paper view upside for a six-round boxing match. Let's make it happen, let's settle this beef like men before the children get affected by your antics. Let's get it done, make it happen." 

KIM KARDASHIAN, KANYE WEST's EX-WIFE started dating the star of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE PETE DAVIDSON right after her divorce, then they have made their relationship official on INSTAGRAM. KANYE has put his focus on the 28years old PETE DAVIDSON, in spite of KANYE was attacking PETE many times on social media and also not in one, but two videos for "EASY" where we've seen him buried PETE DAVIDSON alive and decapitated. 

A text exchange was leaked on SUNDAY by DAVE SIRUS, which include a conversation between KANYE&PETE where PETE provoke KANYE by sending him a picture and writing that he is bad with his EX-WIFE KIM, the now-deleted conversation included many things and this is one reply of many ones, PETE says: " Yo it is STEKE " STeke referring to YE's nickname for him. " Can you please take a second and calm down? It's 8am and it doesn't gotta be like this. KIM is literally the best mother I have ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so fu****g lucky that she is your kid's mom, I have decided I'm not going to let you treat us this way anymore and I'm done being quiet, Grow the f**k up. " After that KANYE replied, " Oh you are using profanity? Where are you right now," it is where PETE said that he is in the bed is his wife, then  PETE suggested to KANYE to meet up face to face and man to man at the BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL, but KANYE wanted him to come to his place instead of in the SUNDAY SERVICE. 

As we said before, JAKE PAUL suggested a boxing match between KANYE & PETE DAVIDSON, where he is obviously trying to take advantage of this alliance between the two to gain from it, he posted on his account:

       My official offer for KANYE WEST & PETE DAVIDSON,
- I have 30 million$ guaranteed for KANHYE and 30 million$ for PETE, + PPV upside
- Money will be put in escrow before 6 round boxing match.
       Let us settle this beef like men before the children get any more impacted. 
For those who do not know, JAKE PAUL has already his own personal historical past with PETE DAVIDSON in the past, where the 28 years old comedian mocked him earlier than knocking out ex-UFC welterweight Ben Askren. The social media influencer slapped DAVIDSON, who later impersonated Paul on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. 

For people who do not know who is JAKE PAUL, he is an AMERICAN citizen who was born in JANUARY 17,1997. He is a social media personality and also a boxer. PAUL has began his boxing career in AUGUST 2018 when he defeated a BRITISH YOUTUBER named DEJI OLATUNJI. JAKE PAUL has a brother named LOGAN PAUL who is also a YOUTUBER and internet personality, PAUL began his career in SEPTEMBER 2013 posting videos on VINE, by the time VINE was discontinued by TWITTER. His YOUTUBER channel was known for pranks, controversies and features his rap music. 
JAKE PAUL has many controversies and legal issues, on JANUARY 2018 he posted a video on his channel titled " I LOST MY VIRGINITY " where he showed himself and his girlfriend in a nonappropriate position, which was age-restricted by YOUTUBE.
 In NOVEMBER 2020 PAUL sparked frustration after stating he paved the way for content house creation and boxing matches between hight profile social media stars. 

In JANUARY 2018 PAUL started the website Influence, a program claiming to teach younger people how to be successful, learn life skills, and earn money online. 
The course costs US$7 for each user, it allows the user to unlock a series of videos to succeed as an influencer. But the seven dollars did not unlock the entire program, it only gave a few basic tips. Paul has also promised his audience that if they joined the course, they would get to join "Team 1000", and did not happen.  In the situation, Paul was accused of scamming young followers and stealing their money. Two years later, on JANUARY 31, 2020, Influence was shut down, which stopped the course permanently. On February 15, Paul announced that he would partner with Los Angeles-based brand development group GenZ Holdings Inc. to create a $19.99 per month platform aimed at teaching children how to build an online presence. And he has so many and a lot more legal issues. Paul has English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Jewish and German ancestry. Paul has a net worth of approximately $17–30 million. 

In November 2016, Paul started dating the American YouTuber and internet personality Alissa Violet. But they broke up in February 2017. In April 2018, Paul started dating American model Erika Costell. But once again the couple announced the end of their relationship in November 2018.

Paul began again dating the American YouTuber and internet personality, Tana Mongeau, in April 2019. In June 2019, this time the couple announced that they were engaged, many fans and commentators did not believe that the engagement was legitimate. On July 28 of that year, Paul and Mongeau exchanged vows in Las Vegas. Later reported that the couple had not obtained a marriage license prior to the ceremony and that the officiant was also not licensed by the state of Nevada. As a result, the marriage was not legally binding. Paul and Mongeau left the ceremony separately which were available on pay-per-view for $50, Later The couple announced their break-up in January 2020.[102]

Later that month, Paul started dating American model Julia Rose. The couple had an on-and-off relationship but confirmed that they were dating as of February 2022. Following a March 2022 tweet in which Paul tweeted "Alexa, play ‘I’m Single’ by Jake Paul” referencing his 2019 song, it was believed that the couple had split. Sources close to Paul confirmed the breakup.