Gucci Mane Urges Rappers To Stop Dissing Dead People on New Song

Gucci Mane is urging rappers to avoid dissing the dead

Gucci Mane wants rappers to wrap up dissing the dead in their music. In a new song called “Dissing The Dead

Gucci Mane is urging his rap colleagues to quit disparaging the deceased while confessing guilt for his role in popularizing the practice.

On his latest song "Dissin the Dead," the 1017 boss continues his development as a Hip Hop elder statesman by repenting of his previous habits of disrespecting his buried adversaries and urging younger rappers to follow in his footsteps.

“I know my tongue is a sword, I know I should be more careful with shit that I said/I feel like I started a trend that’s never gon’ stop, they gon’ keep dissing the dead/None of this shit no pretend, this shit so for real, a n-gga get shot in the head/Young n-gga wicked on pills and going on drills, we need to stop dissing the dead,” he raps on the chorus.

The song is supported by Omar the Director-directed video that depicts Guwop standing in a cemetery wearing sweatshirts that read "R.I.P. Trouble" and "Long Live Dolph" in memory of the dead Southern rappers. "Dissing the Dead" was released on Wednesday (July 27), which would have been Young Dolph's 37th birthday.

Gucci Mane, obviously, has a history of dissing the dead, most notably in his long-running battle with Jeezy. Guwop bravely played "The Truth," a diss song directed at Jeezy's buddy and partner Pookie Loc, whom he reportedly killed in self-defense in 2005, at their Verzuz clash in 2020.

Gucci rubbed salt in the wound by trying to insult Pookie after the song had ended. “Damn! "Put that n-ass gga's in the dirt," he mocked Jeezy. "Tonight I'm smoking on Pookie Loc."

On his "Rumors" duet with Lil Durk in January, La Flare addressed Pookie Loc again, rapping, "D.A. dropped my murder, didn't have proof to prove it/I suppose my house is haunted, sure, by who? "Pookie's ghost."

Gucci mentions Pookie again in "Dissin the Dead," but in a different context: "I'm the one put your boy name on a stone/I dissed the dead and I knew it was wrong."