Why Do Rappers Get Shot ?

 Why Do Rappers Get Shot ?

 We need to know before we get into How and why Rappers Get Shot, let's go back to when rap has become the most popular type of music in the United States. Rap music was the most popular type of music in the United States in 2017. According to the Nielsen Soundscan 2017 year-end report. Fast forward to today, and the figures are basically the same.

Rap seems to be the most popular and influential music in America, so why do so many of its artists die at such a young age? What is it with this type of music that leads its artists down such a dark road that they end up losing their lives, whether through gun violence or drug overdosing? In this paragraph, I will explain why hip-hop artists get shot

That's no surprise that too many rap artists have had gang affiliations. We can tell because these rappers feel proud about their gang affiliations in their songs.

Countless rap artists have been imprisoned in the past for committing crimes as gang members, and that attitude and conduct have followed them throughout their rap careers. Some rappers engage with gangs primarily for security, while others link with gangs primarily for street reputation.

So many people probably won’t fully understand what it is a rapper being shot out of envy, but somehow it is indeed the case. The typical rapper appears to come from poverty. He comes up in a world full of hatred, drugs, violence, quick money, and individuals who don't want him to succeed.

Please bear in mind that not everyone from disadvantaged areas has the mindset that they don't want to see people from their neighborhood prosper. The envious are few, yet they may have a significant influence on your growth and success as another poor person trying to make it in life.

When the envious see you going to school to attempt to become a better person, they will ask, "Why are you going to school? "School is only for nerds." Or, "You'll never graduate because you're not smart enough." If they see you want to establish your own business, they will try to discourage you by stating, "A business? Did you not flunk math? You can't manage a company; in our town, only Arabs and Chinese have stored; black people can't run enterprises."

I'm fully aware of it because many of my friends grew up in poor neighborhoods and have seen it firsthand. It's horrible but true. This is the crabs in a barrel mindset. The person who is attempting to castrate you and keep you back has their own difficulties. They usually have low self-esteem, were bad students, are bad employees (if they have a job at all), are dishonest, unreliable, irresponsible, and many other characteristics. They take all of their flaws and attempt to put them onto you.

Extremely jealous people believe that if you attempt to ever become a rapper and have some success, you believe that you are superior to them. They believe that if you start making money from rap through record sales and live performances, you don't deserve it and will end up squandering it all and going bankrupt.

Unless you fully become a popular rap artist with celebrity status, their hatred will heat up so high that they will murder you in addition to taking it all away from you. The idea is that if others can't get what you have, or if they can't be successful alongside you, you can't be successful.

Many of these people grew up with you in poverty and saw you succeed, and they envy you because you got out while they stayed in poverty. Instead of working hard, being ambitious, pursuing their dreams, becoming less distracted by nonsense, and succeeding on their own, they believe your success should be theirs.

This is a somewhat main cause of why rappers are shot and killed: being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It affects not only rappers but also many inner-city youths. Rappers have a highly public existence and are sometimes oblivious that harm is lurking around. They may be out shopping or having supper with friends and family when a rival gang member appears and murders them. This is known as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You might go to the cinema, to dinner, to school, to work, and so on. And then the problem appears, having known that they have a problem with you. Rap artists who are gangsters are required to deal with this awful situation. Worse, if the beef isn't with the rapper, but with someone in his gang. By default, the rapper takes on the quarrel since he is an acquaintance or member of the group in which his friend is involved.