6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Arrested For Allegedly Punching The Rapper

6ix9ine's girlfriend was arrested for punching him at a Miami restaurant
6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Arrested For Allegedly Punching The Rapper

Rachel Wattley known as 'Jade',  6ix9ine's girlfriend, was arrested on a domestic violence abuse charge on Sunday after a brawl with the rapper in Miami, Florida, according to TMZ.

Wattley and a bunch of ladies seem to be seeking to assault the controversial rapper outside of Kiki on the River, an upmarket Greek restaurant. Wattley, 25, is presently being detained in Miami-Dade County Jail on a $15,00 bond, and 6ix9ine apparently wants her out as soon as possible. It's unclear what sparked the confrontation, but the video above shows the musician fleeing to his vehicle as authorities arrive.

Officials witnessed 6ix9ine and Wattley argue but did not see physical violence, " according to the police report ". When the officers spoke with him, he stated that Wattley hit him during the altercation, which was verified by witnesses who observed her tug on his chain at the scene.

Surveillance video from inside the restaurant appears to show Wattley hitting 6ix9ine. According to the Miami Herald, a security officer observed her strike the rapper "multiple times." Despite the fact that the rapper's face showed symptoms of physical harm, he refused to engage with the authorities after the initial meeting. According to the report, "the victim had a noticeable minor injury to his left face."

6ix9ine claims her buddies urged her to physically attack him. "She attacked me in front of the police, I told them, 'You have to evaluate her, she's obviously under the influence,'" he added. "I'm the one trying to bail her."