Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Raising Rapper Hunnidball + Exclusive Interview


Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Raising Rapper Hunnidball + Exclusive Interview

Hunnidball is among the many ambitious rappers who climbed the ladder of success in the rap community. Today, WhatsOnRap would like to introduce you to one of today's most promising & raising rappers who will have a successful and lengthy career.

Xavier James Eran Morgan is an upcoming rising rapper, his fame and popular name is HUNNIDBALL, he was born in Oakland California 18/04/1993, he has already had kids who are: Xantiago 16 months, Santana 14 months, Carmelo 9 months. His parents are Angela & James Morgan, his Sibling Quinton, Janice, self, Johnathan & Andrea.

 As a kid, Hunnidball grew up in Oakland and recolated to Sacramento. Xavier loves to bang on pots and pans to make some short beats, he used to play sports and attend the church where his aunt taught him how to play the piano, and that drove him closer to music and even then he chose to create beats.

Hunnidball is an image of a free spirit, but due to his confinement, he must now force himself to sit. Xavier is an extremely optimistic guy, which is a good method for him to advance, create, and work on his business degrees. The rapper Hunnidball began producing tracks on his phone first, and people thought he was crazy. This fueled his desire to start rapping over them, and he eventually won people over. 

He had the opportunity to work with all types of artists from California all the way to Detroit. Hunnidball is a rapper who toured all over and opened for people such as Rod Wave. Hunnidball has gotten it on the radio & has played in Sacramento HOF. So far, his most recent album "BEFORE I GO" is one of his favorites. The promising rapper Hunnidball's main objective is to make each album better than the one before it.

WhatsOnRap reached out to rapper Hunnidball and had the opportunity to do an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with him, throughout which he opened up about numerous topics, including his career.
Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Raising Rapper Hunnidball + Exclusive Interview
  • How long has music been a part of your life?
Since i could remember ,i don’t remember music not being part of my life . My sisters would watch Selena Movie  and we would act like we were in a band with out guitar and drum set. 
  • If it wasn’t for music, where would you be now? 
If i wasn’t doing music i would of re-enlisted to the Navy. 
  • In what way do you aim to make a difference? 
Keeping positive Energy and teaching others through my experiences.
  • What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
I’m currently incarcerated and serving a 10-year sentence but that’s not stopping me from reaching my goals.
  • Where is your career heading? 
The only way is up!
  • How would you describe your style of music?
My style of music is versatile, i can work with all genres.
  • How do you put words on paper? 
Not Forcing it and just letting the art of what I feel project onto the paper. 
  • If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? 
Tokyo, I’ve always wanted to travel there.

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