Young Thug Denied Bond For Third Time In RICO Case

 Young Thug has been denied bond three times since he and Gunna were both arrested.

Young Thug Denied Bond For Third Time In RICO Case

A federal judge denied bail to Young Thug in the continuing RICO case against him on Thursday (Aug. 18). This is the third time Young Thug has been refused bond after he and Gunna have been caught and charged with conspiracy to violate the RICO Act in May. Since then, the Punk rapper has been charged with seven more felonies, including possessing controlled narcotics with intent to distribute and possessing various illegal weaponry, including a machine gun and a sawed-off shotgun.

Young Thug, charged with gang violence in the massive RICO indictment, was recently rejected bond due to concerns that he would potentially intimidate witnesses in the case and be a "danger to the community." In addition to Thug and Gunna, YSL associates PeeWee Roscoe, Duke, Yak Gotti, and Unfoonk, Young Thug's brother, are named in the indictment.

“I’ve had the opportunity to reconsider the defense’s additional pleadings that were filed in this particular case on motion to reconsider bond as found on behalf of Mr. Williams,” the judge said Thursday of the rapper (real name: Jefferey Lamar Williams) in a video of the hearing. “I have considered those arguments…And I’ve considered the proffers made by the state, I’ve considered the arguments of the defense. At this point in time, though…I am still not convinced that what you’ve argued anew, and considering what I have heard already…I am going to deny bond.”

The Atlanta DA's office controversially referenced numerous of the hip-hop star's own songs in their indictment, a method that opponents say deliberately targets rap music and may violate the First Amendment. The trial is scheduled to start early next year.