Dirty Tay, Lil Baby's Artist From 4PF, Denies He Sh*t a 3-Year-Old Boy After Being Arrested

Dirty Tay, Lil Baby's artist, has been charged with the sh**ting of a three-year-old boy

Dirty Tay, Lil Baby's artist, has been charged with the shooting of a three-year-old boy
The rapper, who is signed to Lil Baby's label, has disputed the claims. During a drive-by, the youngster was allegedly sh*t in the head.

While he's gone doing his thing, Lil Baby's moniker has become embroiled in controversy. One of Baby's musicians has had a run-in with the authorities while he seems to spend time with Pierre Thomas amid the Quality Control Music executive's animosity with Offset. Dirty Tay is reportedly signed to Baby's 4PF label and is looking for his big break, but he didn't expect it to come with reports of an arrest.

A news report surfaced online depicting Dirty Tay, real name Kentavious Wright, being arrested in connection with a sh**ting that injured a three-year-old.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Dajuan Jewell was leaving a hairstylist with his children when he observed a "car driving recklessly" and perhaps tailing him. When he came to a halt at a stop sign, the automobile allegedly drew up beside him and opened fire, striking three-year-old Javon Jewell in the head. Another youngster was supposedly in the vehicle as well but was not injured.

Javon was taken to a nearby hospital, where the bullet was allegedly extracted from his skull. The child was claimed to have survived the attack, but his present condition is unknown. Meanwhile, the rapper rushed to Instagram to reject the claims leveled against him. Dirty Tay has been charged with "aggravated assault, attempted murder, child cruelty, and gang-related offenses."

Lil Baby's Artist Dirty Tay Arrested, Suspected Of Shooting 3-Year-Old In Head...