6ix9ine Is Now Being Sued Over His Stage Name, But The Court Cannot Reach Him - WhatsOnRap

6ix9ine Is Now Being Sued Over His Stage Name, But The Court Cannot Reach Him - WhatsOnRap

Robert Meloni, Tekashi 6ix9ine's lawyer, informed a further attorney that he hasn't talked to the controversial rapper in months. Tekashi 6ix9ine's lawyer hasn't been able to locate the controversial rapper, who has been unable to trademark his stage name.

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, according to court filings, declined to give him a trademark for the name 6ix9ine. During a court fight with another artist named Warren Hamilton, the divisive artist attempted to register the pseudonym.

Hamilton stated that he has been performing under the stage name SIX9 since 2007. In July, he filed a lawsuit against 6ix9ine, the actual name Daniel Hernandez.

“On September 6, 2022, the TTAB issued a final order sustaining the opposition by Hamilton and refusing the registration of Hernandez’s infringing 6IX9INE mark after Hernandez failed to file an amended answer in the Proceeding and file a response to the Plaintiff’s motion for default in the Proceeding,” Hamilton’s lawyer David Chase LanCarte wrote.

LanCarte spent several weeks attempting to come to agreement with 6ix9ine's lawyer, Robert Meloni. Meloni's heart attack forced a halt to their discussions at one point.

“On August 9, 2022, Defendant Hernandez’s attorney, Robert Meloni, emailed me to explain that Mr. Meloni had a heart attack during the week of July 7, 2022 and ‘had not quite gotten back into the swing of work,’” LanCarte wrote. “Mr. Meloni asked if Plaintiff would consider withdrawing Plaintiff’s motion for entry of default.”

LanCarte later reached Meloni to discuss the case's unresolved Initial Disclosures with 6ix9ine. Meloni confirmed during that discussion that he hadn't talked to 6ix9ine in months. Meloni also stated that he had no idea where 6ix9ine was. LanCarte was also having difficulty locating the rapper.

“Nevertheless, Plaintiff has continued to try and locate Defendant Hernandez for the purposes of service,” he explained. “Specifically, on September 9, 2022, I researched other legal actions and matters in which Defendant Hernandez has been named as a party defendant. From my research, I have learned that Defendant Hernandez has a history of being a hard individual to locate and serve in other legal actions brought against him.”