Coolio, 'Gangsta's Paradise' Rapper Has Passed Away At Age 59 - WhatsOnRap

Rapper Coolio Has Passed Away At Age 59 - WhatsOnRap

Coolio died at the age of 59. Jarez, Coolio's longtime manager, confirmed the news to TMZ on Wednesday, just hours after he was declared dead. According to Jarez, the famed artist went to use the restroom at a friend's house in Los Angeles. When the friend discovered Coolio hadn't returned in a fair amount of time, he began shouting out to the rapper but received no response. Coolio was later discovered on the bathroom floor by a buddy.

According to TMZ, the man quickly phoned 911, and emergency services arrived at the residence shortly thereafter. Coolio, real name Artis Leon Ivey Jr., was pronounced dead at the scene.

Though no cause of death has been confirmed, Jarez believes he died from cardiac arrest. Police said they are investigating the death but have discovered no evidence of foul play or drug paraphernalia.

In 1987, the Compton native and father of six children released his debut song, "Whatcha Gonna Do?" and soon rose to prominence in the Los Angeles rap scene. In 1994, he signed with Tommy Boy Records and released his debut solo album It Takes a Thief. The project includes "Fantastic Voyage," as well as tracks from Poetic Justice such as "Smokin Stix" and "Sticky Fingers."

Coolio's biggest success, however, was unquestionable "Gangsta's Paradise," the title track from his 1995 sophomore album. The chart-topping song featured R&B artist L.V. and was included on the official soundtrack for the film Dangerous Minds, which starred Michelle Pfeiffer. Coolio won a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance and an MTV Video Music Award for Best Rap Video for "Gangsta's Paradise."