FBG Duck’s Little Brother Was Reportedly Shot & Killed In Chicago

FBG Duck’s little brother was reportedly sh*t & k*lled in Chicago

  CBE KG, an FBG Duck member, was reportedly shot and died in Chicago during Labor Day weekend, around two years following Duck was shot in the Gold Coast region.

Online rumors abound that they were blood relatives. In a tweet linked with the message, emergency medical professionals are shown on the scene with a stretcher, with the caption: “FBG Duck’s little brother was shot and killed in Chicago last night.”

The new murder adds to a worrying pattern of gun violence in the rap community. FBG Duck was one of three victims targeted in the shooting in August 2020. According to police, they were shopping on Oak Street, which is home to numerous luxury retail stores, when two vehicles pulled up to the scene. Four individuals allegedly jumped out of the vehicles and began fire on the shoppers.

“At approximately 16:37 hours today, right here in the 100 block of East Oak Street, we had three individuals shopping. Two vehicles pulled up. Four individuals exited those vehicles, two from each vehicle, and began firing at the individuals that were on the sidewalk outside of one of the stores here. They also struck a female that was in one of the vehicles, which was also parked outside one of the stores.” At the time, Chicago Police Deputy Chief Daniel O'Shea informed the press.

FBG Duck was shot in his chest, groin, & neck. In Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he was declared dead.