Ice Spice Is Dating Stranger Things Actor Caleb McLaughlin - WhatsOnRap

Ice Spice Is Dating Stranger Things Actor Caleb McLaughlin - WhatsOnRap
Ice Spice, the Bronx-born female rapper whose been rocking the industry, is following Cardi B's path to the letter. She first got one of the summer's greatest hit songs, "Munch," and now she's landed a highly famous man.

Ice Spice, 22, is dating Caleb McLaughlin, 20, the African American actor of the famous Netflix series Stranger Things.

The two have been interacting with each other for a few weeks, according to a leading industry insider, and while their connection is fresh, it's also intense. "Ice Spice and Caleb are dating and are genuinely into one other," a source revealed.

Ice and Caleb are dating. Caleb reflects Cardi B's relationship with Offset, who was a far greater star than Cardi at the time and had international crossover appeal.

Caleb became famous as Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix series Stranger Things (2016–present). McLaughlin started his acting career on Broadway as Young Simba in the musical The Lion King, followed by minor television parts. 

Following Stranger Things, he starred in High Flying Bird (2019) and Concrete Cowboy (2020), his first starring feature picture roles. His other credits include the 2017 miniseries The New Edition Story and several television voice-acting roles.

The Bronx-born rapper only began recording songs last year, but she already has a Drake co-sign and an impending tour with B-Lovee.

Ice Spice (whose true identity has yet to be disclosed to the public) delivered her breakout track, "Munch (Feelin' U)," less than a month ago, earning the drill rapper not only a coveted co-sign from Drake, but also a slot touring alongside B-Lovee throughout North America for the next two months.

While her breakthrough may appear to some to be strangely fast, the emerging artist has really been producing songs for almost a year. She denied being an industry plant during an interview with Audiomack, stating, “I know what it took to get me here, and I know how much work I’m putting in… I truly feel like they know I’m not a plant. I think they just say stuff like that ‘cause they’re mad that I’m going up faster than their fav.”