Queen Elizabeth Defends Snoop Dogg From Getting Kicked From The UK


Queen Elizabeth Defends Snoop Dogg From Getting Kicked From The UK
Queen Elizabeth II's passing continues to surprise the world, and a startling video has appeared. The Hip Hop World Star Snoop Dogg revealed how the queen allegedly came to his support in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid in late February.

Snoop said that he was facing first and second-degree murder accusations in 1994. He also stated that while on tour, fans in the United Kingdom wanted him to leave England immediately. There was even one newspaper that ran a photo of him with the caption, "Kick This Evil Bastard Out." "This was while I was fighting a murder case, up there [in the U.K.] playing performances," the rapper said to the DJ. But guess who stepped up to defend me? Take a wild guess."

DJ Whoo Kid improperly taking a guess "the prime minister," Snoop smoothly revealed that it was, in fact, "the queen, n**ga," adding, "The queen said, 'This man has done nothing in our country.'" "The queen, n**ga, bow down," Snoop continued, clearly pleased to share his impressive experience. Bow when the queen speaks. Isn't that Harry and Williams' grandmother? 'Grandma, please allow him in, grandma,' you assume they weren't there. He's fine; we enjoy his music.' 'You know, Harry, I'll allow him in for you.' After all, he's not that awful, and he's rather cute.'... The queen, that's my gal."

This is not the first time Snoop had recounted one of his interesting stories. In April, the Grammy-nominated rapper stated directly about taking Kobe Bryant on his first lowrider trip. "And you can tell he's never been in a lowrider because he's sitting up like this." I'm like, n**ga, you need to lean back. N**ga, put some cool on it, lean out the window, and place your elbow on the item. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" he asked.

The next month, Snoop recounted having to decline a DJ engagement for Michael Jordan. During the discussion, he stated that he had "never met Michael Jordan," but would like to.