Rapper BFG Straap Dead At 22 After South Dallas Shooting - WhatsOnRap

Rapper BFG Straap Dead At 22 After South Dallas Shooting - WhatsOnRap

The young musician has published multiple albums, singles, and EPs and has over 17,000 monthly Spotify subscribers.

A video of the horrific shooting went viral on Twitter after it was shared by a music news social media blog. The police are still seeking further information about the shooting that killed BFG Straap, and anybody with knowledge of the incident is encouraged to contact them.

BFG Straap was killed in a shooting in South Dallas on September 23rd, according to CBS, the incident occurred on Thursday evening in the 2800 block of Casey St. BFG Straap, real name Antywon Dillard, was rushed to the hospital after the incident and died as a result of gunshot wounds. Cory Media Lucien, 26, was declared deceased at the scene as the second victim of the incident. 

HipHop news source Daily Loud uploaded a video of the aftermath of the incident, in which police had encircled the area, on Twitter. The video may be viewed here, but be careful that it contains upsetting pictures.

BFG Straap is a Dallas, Texas-based rapper and composer. He was born when his mother was incarcerated and has had "a lifetime of adversity, heartbreak, and many ups and downs."

The rapper released STRAAP A MANIAC in July 2019, which included the tracks Las Vegas, Surgery, and Focus. STRAAP'S R US was published the next year. Since then, he has released four albums: Straap 4 President, BIGGEST FLAG, BABY WIZARD, and 11:11.