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21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 For Calling Him A Snitch In Young Thug's YSL Rico Case

On Clubhouse on Saturday (Oct. 1), 21 Savage confronted Wack 100 after the rap manager dubbed him a snitch during a prior Clubhouse discussion session. In a video uploaded on Neighborhood Talk, 21 denied being an informant and ordered Wack not to say anything against him that he doesn't know anything about.

"There's a lot of shit going on, right, and I don't speak on," he said. "Like I have you seen you go through real life shit on the internet or whatever, right? And I don't speak on it. I don't make fun of it, I won't speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang." "What chu mean?" asked Wack.

"You calling me a snitch, man," 21 responded. "Bro, you on the internet saying you think I'm an informant. Come on, man." "Bruh, I ain't made up nothing about you, that's messed up," he added.

Wack 100 recently accused 21 Savage that he was a snitch in the Young Thug/YSL trafficking case in Atlanta during a Clubhouse chat session. He believes that because 21 has not yet been deported in his continuing immigration case, he is assisting Fani Willis, the District Attorney for Fulton County, Ga., in the YSL RICO case. View the video below.
21 Savage denied cooperating with the Fulton County DA during their heated debate on Clubhouse. Regarding his immigration issue, the "A Lot" rapper stated that he had an open gun matter that must be resolved before he can address his immigration case.

21 Savage wonders why Wack 100 is so concerned about him and his immigration status. "You trying to use me for content, man," he stated as he quit the Clubhouse conversation.

21 Savage's feud with Wack 100 began in August of 2021, and it appears that things haven't calmed down since.