Jayden Myrick Is An Alleged YSL Member Who Has Been Convicted Of M*rder And Other Charges - WhatsOnRap

Jayden Myrick, who goes by "SetTrip" or "JayMan," was found guilty of robbery and murder outside a wedding venue in the Buckhead community on July 7, 2018.

Jayden Myrick was found guilty on all charges in the 2018 country club murder in the YSL RICO case. On the testimony, he also admits to being a YSL gang member and claims he tried to intimidate witnesses in his own case.

A killing suspect on trial for the robbery and death shooting of an Atlanta wedding guest in 2018 said as a kid he became involved with a street gang.

Jayden Myrick, who testified under oath Tuesday afternoon and returned Wednesday morning, claimed he has links to YSL and the Nine Trey Gangsters and now identifies as a member of "4PF." While testifying for hours, the 22-year-old touched on his extensive criminal background, telling the jury that he was groomed by elder gang members as early as age 9 or 10.

The jury was constituted late Wednesday afternoon. The prosecution stated that he had no intention of questioning Myrick about specific gang behavior, but that the defendant "opened the door" to such questions by bringing up specific themes throughout his testimony. 

Since 2015, the Fulton County District Attorney's office has accused members of the YSL gang of wreaking "havoc" on Atlanta by participating in violent crime on many occasions.

The indictment names 28 persons, including Young Thug, and details a sequence of events dating back to 2015, including several murders, attempted murders, and other crimes.

The indictment outlines the murder of Donavon Thomas Jr. in 2015, as well as the attempted murder of rival rapper YFN Lucci by suspected YSL gang members who were jailed with him.