Chrisean Rock Denies That Blueface Hit Her. She States He Was Trying To Save Her Life - WhatsOnRap

Chrisean Rock is now saying that Blueface did NOT beat her up and she was just having a “Mental Breakdown”

Chrisean Rock is backing on her allegations of being attacked by Blueface, stating she was "on a horrible trip" and that he really saved her.

Chrisean claims she blacked out and tried to jump out of their car on the highway, but Blueface pulled her back in. She also claims she was the one who struck him. In other words, she's changed her mind about what happened here.

Chrisean Rock, Blueface's girlfriend, claims to have accused him of domestic abuse, catching the alleged aftermath on tape... and it has overtones of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Chrisean Rock went live on Instagram Saturday night, breaking down and talking about an argument she claims occurred in the car, which she claims ended in her being slapped in the face and bleeding.

Chrisean never focuses the camera towards whoever she's talking to, and she never specifically identifies anyone... but based on the voice on the other end and the back and forth on Twitter right now, it appears to be Blueface who she alleges did this.

Chrisean appears scared and sobs at several moments in her clips, which have subsequently been removed off her Facebook. She tells the man she's speaking with that he's "too comfortable," and claims he hit her because she was messaging another guy.