After Chrisean Rock Leaked The S** Tape, She Is Still Call Out BlueFace On Twitter

Chrisean Rock Leaks video With Blueface

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have popped up in the spotlight after an intimate video of the couple was allegedly leaked on Twitter just hours after Chrisean claimed they'd broken up.

The famous superstars' relationship has already been getting attention for a few months. Videos of the two appearings engaging in yet another public brawl appeared online just a few weeks ago.

Chrisean said on her Instagram stories at the time, "family stuff didn't go well," after alleging the rapper had knocked out her father.

Even though the couple appeared to be at odds again, the hip-hop stars' intimate video leaked two weeks later.

Retweets of the viral video of Chrisean and Blueface getting intimate have overflowed Twitter. The video was allegedly posted via Chrisean's official Twitter handle @ChriseanMalone, according to retweets. Blueface's page does not have the video.

A second video has also aroused controversy on Twitter, however, it is shot in a considerably darker setting. Two persons may be heard moaning, although it's unclear who they are. According to Twitter retweets, the viral video was shared via Chrisean's Instagram Stories. These videos aren't on her Twitter or Instagram accounts.

On Monday, October 3, the leaked s** tape went viral, just hours after the famous star took to Twitter to blow off some steam about her relationship with Blueface. "Y'all can have him," she tweeted. Chrisean Rock is a single. Chrisean, you are enough." "U gon wishes u only kept this one, tho," said another.

Meanwhile, when it comes to her connection with Blueface, she added, "It's not that we are a pair, we are great partners when it comes to money." I'm loyal to the ppl that are present for me. I conditionally love Blue.”  Despite this, Chrisean stated that she was no longer his girlfriend. Blueface appeared to reply to Chrisean's single status by tweeting, "I ain't never been single." I always kept a couple."

Even though, she is still reacting to Blueface via twitter with some funny tweets: