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DaBaby Addresses Controversial Megan Thee Stallion 'Boogeyman' Lyrics

 DaBaby defends his tale. He released his album Baby On Baby 2 last month, in which he claims to have slept with Megan Thee Stallion only days before she was supposedly sh*t by Tory Lanez.

On "Boogeyman," he raps, "You play with me, that shit was childish / The day before she alleged Tory Lanez sh*t her / I was fu**in' on Megan Thee Stallion." "Waited to say that shit on my next album / Hit it the day before too / But I kept it player, ain't said nothing about it."

During his appearance on Hot 97, he addressed the contentious lyric, claiming that he recorded the song a year before it was released and never considered changing the lyrics.

“The song been done for real, for real. Damn near going on a year,” he said. “When I say something, it’s gon’ go out.”

When questioned why he chose to reveal their claimed relationship, he said, "It is what it is." Keep me out of the business, I said a long time ago. It's music. It is out right now. Ni**as can take it as they want."

He argues, however, that it was not his means of getting back at Megan, with whom he collaborated on songs such as "Cash Shit" and "Cry Baby." After DaBaby collaborated with Tory after the sh**t and even brought him on stage during his Rolling Loud set, the two had a falling out.

"Support me in private, and do something different publicly... Megan tweeted in June 2021, "These industry men are very strange."

Ebro indicated that DaBaby relished the attention his career received. "No, it's just that I can't duck it," DaBaby explained.

"I don't change lyrics," DaBaby responded when asked why he didn't change the Megan lyric. It doesn't matter what I say."

He also discussed his relationship with DaniLeigh, the mother of his kid, who claims that he only sold 500 tickets to a play, and his reluctance to seek professional counseling.

"I'm commend myself with how much I've been able to keep this shit together because I've seen countless people around me fold," DaBaby remarked.