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Diddy Transforms Into Heath Ledger's Joker For Scary Halloween Costume

Diddy obviously comes through with a spectacular costume for Halloween, and the rap mogul has excelled himself this year. The Bad Boy Records mogul dressed up as Heath Ledger's Joker and looked good.

Diddy took to Instagram on Saturday (Oct. 29) and uploaded multiple photographs and videos of himself dressing up as Heath Ledger's Joker from the 2008 film The Dark Knight. The wealthy music mogul did an incredible job duplicating the late actor's Oscar-winning depiction of the Joker, right down to the makeup, wardrobe, and even emulating the comic villain's devious attitude.

In one video, Diddy, dressed as the Joker, is in a warehouse wielding a fake machine pistol when a fake grenade slips out of his ammunition belt. Diddy looks down and then laughs uncontrollably. In the video's description, he wrote,"Hello my friends, I’m the Joker. I’m highjacking Halloween! Hahahaha," as well as a joker card, a middle finger, and pumpkin emojis.

In a video, Diddy stood in the center of the roadway, stopping a car. Tyler, The Creator, is in the passenger seat as he approaches the automobile. "Tyler, The Creator," he adds with an evil laugh. "You're my favorite rapper in the world, Tyler, The Creator." The Odd Future leader is laughing and admiring Diddy's costume. "This is top tier," he said. After exchanging pleasantries, Diddy turns on Tyler and attempts to carjack him before driving away.

In other video, Diddy stands on a street corner and goes towards the camera, telling viewers that he's headed to club Love to dance and celebrate. The hip-hop mogul delivers Joker's classic line in The Dark Knight: "Why so serious?"