Gunna Files Fourth Bond Motion A Week After Third Denial - WhatsOnRap

Gunna files motion for fourth bond request. A week ago, Gunna's request to be released from jail on bond, was denied for the third time.

Gunna and his staff have applied for release for the fourth time after being refused bail for the third time last week. 

According to legal documents, the "Pushin' P" rapper's co-lead attorney Steven Sadow stated, "On three prior times, Defendant Kitchens has sought the Court for a reasonable bond." The State has made offers at hearings that turned out to be false and/or misleading on each occasion."

"The State's obvious willingness to say or do anything to deny Mr.Kitchens pretrial bail has failed to proffer a single violent act or a single threat to a witness by Kitchens or on Kitchens' behalf," Sadow continued in the seven-page statement. Its failure to correct any of its exaggerations and false proffers is a blight on the Fulton County District Attorney's office."

On October 13th, Jury Ural Glanville agreed with the court proceedings, which alleged that Gunna was intimidating witness testimony. While his trial is scheduled to begin in January 2023, the Famous rapper's supporters continue to advocate for his release. 

"Sergio Kitchens prays that the Court set this fourth bail motion for a hearing on the November 10 or 17 calendar and that the State answer in writing to this petition at least seven days before the hearing," Sadow stated.

Gunna was refused bail for the first time in May, then again on July 7. After his October denial, Sadow stated, "The Court deserves nothing less than the prosecutors, to tell the truth." 

Kitchens sincerely request that the truth be known, as his continuing pretrial imprisonment on the basis of falsehoods and misrepresentations is a miscarriage of justice."

Gunna's fourth request has yet to be addressed by the courts. For the time being, his trial is scheduled to begin in January 2023.