Gunna Judge Threatens to Arrest People Making Outbursts After Denying Him Bond Again - WhatsOnRap

Video has surfaced of the judge in Gunna's RICO case threatening to arrest people making outbursts during the rapper's latest bond hearing.

A video of the judge in Gunna's RICO case attempting to jail those who made outbursts during the rapper's last bond hearing has leaked.

On Wednesday (Oct. 19), video from Gunna's third bond hearing, which took place on Oct. 13, began to circulate. The Atlanta rapper was refused bond for the third time during the hearing, causing a little ruckus in the crowd that enraged Judge Ural Glanville. Judge Glanville opens the video footage by announcing his decision not to release Gunna on bail.

"The only thing I can potentially do like I said, I will try the case as expeditiously as possible. But at this point in time, I don't find any change in circumstances that would allow me or move me to change my decision as to bond," he announces.

The judge's statements were received with verbal replies from the audience, which he quickly addressed. "If anybody is in the gallery and you can't otherwise control yourself, or otherwise you want to make inappropriate comments, then you can leave at this point in time," he says. "No harm will come or nothing else will occur."

Several people stand up and exit the courtroom, expressing their displeasure, much to the chagrin of the judge, who instantly changes his tune. "If you remain in this courtroom and make any outbursts, I'll have you arrested," the judge blurts out.

Gunna's counsel were expecting for a better outcome this time after his name was purportedly removed from any violent acts in an updated indictment. While it appears that Gunna will have to remain in jail until his trial date on January 9, 2023, his lawyers is already seeking a fourth petition to request a bail.