Ice Cube Ask To Not Link His Name To Kanye West's Anti-Semitism Controversy - WhatsOnRap

Ice Cube wants people to keep his name out of the Kanye West anti-Semitism controversy.

Ice Cube intends his name to be removed from the Kanye West anti-Semitism controversy. On Tuesday (Oct. 18), the rap legend and Big3 founder issued a tweet isolating himself from Kanye West's latest anti-Semitic remarks.

"I hate that my name was dragged into this Drunk Champs bullshit," Ice Cube posted on Twitter. "I don’t know what Ye meant by his statements, you’re gonna have to ask him. I didn’t put the batteries in his back. Please leave my name out of all the antisemitic talk. I’m not antisemitic and never have been."

Cube is responding to statements made by Kanye West in his latest Drink Champs interview, in which he stated that Ice Cube inspired his way of thinking.

Many were eager to blame Cube for the summer of 2020 when he was accused of propagating anti-Semitic propaganda on social media with many postings and refused to back down or apologize.

Kanye West has been the focus of media attention in recent weeks due to his continued inflammatory statements. West was chastised for launching and then defending his "White Lives Matter" t-shirts. 

He further stated that his stunt had halted the Black Lives Matter movement. Furthermore, Ye has accused the Jewish community of attempting to destroy his career on many occasions.