According To Yak Gotti's Family An Unknown Assailant Attempted To St*b The Rapper In Prison - WhatsOnRap

According To Yak Gotti's Family  An Unknown Assailant Attempted To Stab The Rapper In Prison - WhatsOnRap

The rapper Yak Gotti was involved in a fight with another inmate in the Fulton County jail on October 8, according to sheriff's office authorities on Friday afternoon.

Yak Gotti, whose real name is Deamonte Kendrick, escaped the fight largely unhurt, according to his mother Tasha Kendrick. "He kicked the boy in the a$$,"

In the extensive indictment against the YSL collective, which also includes renowned rappers Jeffery "Young Thug" and Sergio "Gunna" Kitchens, Kendrick is being held without bond on murder, gang, and racketeering allegations. Young Thug and Kitchens are not being housed at Fulton County's Rice Street jail.

However, with the majority of the YSL crew housed in a single block on the north side of the prison, it would be preferable to keep them from engaging in a street war-related feud with another alleged Atlanta street gang, the YFN, which prosecutors claim has claimed up to 50 lives in the last seven years.

Earlier this year, another convict attacked YFN Lucy, who was imprisoned on murder and racketeering charges at Rice Street.

According to an official investigation from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, Kendrick was responsible for a fight with another offender on October 8. According to reports, Kendrick approached another inmate while the breakfast tray was being brought out and hit him in the face. Then, until the backup representatives came, half of the 100 blocks swarmed on the guy.

Kendrick did not tell his attorney, mother, or deputies that account. According to reports, Kendrick attacked another inmate while attempting to murder her with a handmade knife.

Gotti's mother claimed she confronted the county sheriff and demanded her son's protection. "I just want to make sure my son comes out with ten fingers and ten toes," Tasha Kendrick said. "He has to get control of that prison." "My son does not deserve to be attacked in jail," he stated. "Nobody does."

However, when reporting the weather, she mentioned her child fighting an assailant inside the Fulton County Jail. Rice Street's violence has gotten tiresome.

She still was tired on Thursday morning when she talked about the attack in the hallway outside an Atlanta bail hearing courthouse. She works at night. She was hardly out of bed on Saturday morning when Kendrick called to tell her about the attack. He stated that she had fled. Jay Abbott, his lawyer, was also imprisoned.

“I don’t know who that person was,” said Abbott, who fought with Gotti. “Someone came up to him and tried to hit him with the leg. He defended himself.”

Judge Ural Glanville had rejected the release of "Young Thug" Williams and "Gunna" Kitchen only moments before, despite some doubts about prosecutors' contention that they represented a threat to witnesses. Kendrick was momentarily released from prison a few seconds later.

Because many of the defendants have yet to be permitted a public defense, the trial is expected to be delayed until March. Furthermore, authorities claim that everyone in custody with the YSL crew is safe. Nonetheless, people are dying in jail.