Footage Showing Quavo Having Words With Someone Before Takeoff's Tragic Death - WhatsOnRap

Full footage of what happened right before #takeoff was killed. An argument sparked off, punches was thrown by Quavo and another man before shots were fired.

 Quavo seemed to enter into a heated altercation at the Houston bowling alley only seconds before Takeoff was shot and murdered. According to a video acquired by TMZ evidence of Quavo arguing with a bunch of individuals, with Takeoff visibly standing by his side.

The altercation apparently lasted 30 seconds until a series of gunshots were fired, one of which killed Takeoff. During the back-and-forth, which appears to have devolved into a discussion over basketball, Quavo is heard stating, "I don't get down like that." Within seconds, a struggle breaks out and a gunshot is heard, leading everyone to flee.

This is when further bullets are heard, with the same source claiming two firearms were discharged during the shooting. As previously stated, Takeoff was shot near the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.