Blueface & Chrisean Rock Interview Turns Sassy After A Chair Is Thrown Through A Wall - WhatsOnRap

Kai Cenat with Chrisean Rock and Blueface is comedy

This week, Blueface and Chrisean Rock took part in a dramatic discussion in which smacks were thrown and a chair was smashed through a wall.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock, who are famously hostile with each other, can be seen teetering into an altercation at one point during the extended live feed, with things escalating when Blueface revealed he has been "with a tiny person previously."

“Who?” As she shoved Blueface, Chrisean Rock demanded. “Who?” "Not like that, girl," Blueface answered. "I'm attempting to connect with bro."

This prompted Rock to hit him again and toss a Capri Sun at him while questioning why Blueface is "connecting." Things worsened from there, with Kai attempting to defuse the situation while Chrisean Rock began to cry.

Meanwhile, the two were able to come to terms and continue with the live feed, it wasn't long before things went wild again. Another strange sighting was Chrisean Rock handing Kai Cenat's co-host a chair and a stool. When the host opts for the latter, Rock concurs and tosses the chair off-screen, resulting in a huge crash.

“Whoa, babe you put a hole in my wall,” Kai said as Chrisean slaps him on the back and says “my bad champ.” “You’re rich you can fix it,” Chrisean said.

Blueface was freed on bond after being jailed on attempted murder charges last week, prompting the uncomfortable interview.

The rapper was accused of attempted murder with a dangerous weapon and shooting a pistol into occupied premises. The reported event occurred in Las Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Blueface was placed in the Clark County Detention Center.