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Quando Rondo Disses King Von in Disrespectful Comments on NBA YoungBoy '3860' Collab Album

Quando Rondo has fueled his feud with King Von by mocking the late rapper and his family on his new track.

Never Break Again On Friday (November 25), signee issued a collaborative album with his label boss NBA YoungBoy called 3860, and on the song "Want Me Dead," he takes aim at Von and his sister Kayla B.

Quando raps on the TJ Produced It and Yaktree-produced single, "My fave opp dead, sister talk too much, no, I don't like the bitch / Lul Timmy rolled her brother up, got stepped on in some Nike kicks."

Quando's lyrics make reference to Lul Tim, a 24-year-old rapper accused of m*rdering King Von on November 6, 2020. Von was fatally sh*t outside of an Atlanta hookah bar during a brawl between his gang and Quando Rondo's entourage.

Von was brought to the hospital but d*ed later that day. During the brawl, a 34-year-old Chicago resident named Mark Blakely was also slain.

Lul Tim was arrested and charged with criminal m*rder in the k*lling of King Von. He was eventually released on $100,000 bond, but has since been involved in a high-speed police chase and has been charged with various narcotics offenses.

Quando earlier acknowledged King Von's m*rder in the song "End of Story," which was released just weeks after their fatal confrontation, before seeming to insult the OTF rapper during a virtual performance in April 2021. "He got caught without that pole, and now that n-gga is gone... During the set, he said, "I'll piss on his grave!"

There was also tension between NBA YoungBoy and King Von. Von accused the Baton Rouge rapper of having a "cap in [his] raps" months before his m*rder while hearing to his 2018 single "Play Wit Us" on Instagram Live. Von was also said to be dating YoungBoy's ex-girlfriend and baby mother, Jania Meshell.

Previously this year, NBA YoungBoy subtly dissed King Von on his January mixtape Colors, reviving the feud. On "Bring the Hook," he rapped, "N-gga, this that 'Squid Game,' O Block pack get rolled up / M*rder what they told us, Atlanta boy get rolled up," referring to Von's Chicago neighborhood.

Von's close buddy and colleague, Lil Durk, with whom he also had a severe dispute, responded to YB's lyrics.

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