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Quavo writes a heartfelt letter to Takeoff following his passing

Quavo wrote a heartwarming letter to his fallen cousin TakeOff in which he stated that the term "nephew" did not appropriately characterize his Migos comrades.

On Saturday, Quavo uploaded the message on his Instagram account (November 12). The profile has been inactive since a post on October 31, only hours before TakeOff was slain in Houston.

The three-slide letter was displayed atop a collage of images of the two artists at various periods in their careers.

“Since we were kids you been by my side lookin up at me,” Quavo wrote, “them eyes waiting on me to make the move. then you followed up right behind me. You always made sure I did it first so you can do it right with me. You never competed with me, we were always on same team.”

He continued on to recall playing wrestle with his nephew, both of them aspired to be professional wrestlers when they grew up. Quavo's letter briefly switches from referring to TakeOff in the second person to speaking to the broader audience.

“Throughout this whole time he had a REAL passion for music,” Quavo recounts, “it was HIS dream to become a rapper cuz I didn’t kno what I wanted to do. Sports wasn’t his thing cuz he saw me lose all the time.”

Quavo tended dip more fully into his anguish as he finished the letter, stating, “I guess God just ain’t need my help. So can you ask Him for me what I gotta do to be with you again!!! In a place where there’s no pain, no demons, no jealousy, no envy, no greed. Whatever we have to do God to be at that place of paradise send us the tools now cuz we wanna be with Take.”

Just before the letter, Quavo shared the photos that comprised the collage that accompanied his letter. The collection includes family photos of the two as toddlers as well as more recent photographs taken at the height of their success.

Later in the day, the pair released "Messy," the album's sixth video. In less than two weeks, the video has received 14 million views.

Process of sharing this letter, Quavo tried to address the thousands of mourners who gathered for TakeOff's memorial service in Atlanta on Friday, speaking publicly for the first time about his nephew's death (November11).