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YoungBoy Never Broke Again and NoCap Exchange Heated Shots Over Money Claims

On Instagram, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and NoCap are arguing. On Friday, YoungBoy stepped to the stage to vent his displeasure with a fellow musician he no longer trusts. 

Though he did not name anyone in his first statement, the rapper implied that the anonymous individual was connected to his Never Broke Again label.

“I pay attention to all that slick ass shit you be doing and saying,” read the post on the imprint’s official Instagram account. “You a bitch ass n***a. What I call a real rapper? We don’t do music ’cause I don’t [fuck with you]. Stop speaking on me to these people. You my daddy artist. You a fucking worker bitch, you ain’t my brother. Fuck you. Pay me.”

NoCap, an NBA signee, was instantly persuaded the letter was intended for him. Shortly after YoungBoy's tweet, the Alabama rapper responded on Instagram with a long rebuttal, stating he was not in debt.

“I see it’s my turn dis week huh? I never did u nun bad. I screamed free you before and after every venue/club,” NoCap wrote. “I carried dis shit when u was gone. I stop fuckin with n***as who would’ve did whateva to see me win to stay loyal to yo hatin ass. & let me know what I owe u. I don’t recall u giving shit.”

He went on to add that the actual reason they're no longer working together is that YoungBoy is afraid NoCap will become a more well-known musician. He then accused YoungBoy of demanding payment for "Flags to the Sky," a YoungBoy-assisted single from NoCap's debut album, Mr. Crawford, due out in 2022.

“I took the blame for why we don’t do music cus I was tryna keep yo hater card clean, but nah. We really don’t do music cus he probably [scared] I’ll be bigger on some on some baby shit,” NoCap continued. “Bru told Atlantic he wanted money for the feature on ‘Mr. Crawford.’ U never supported me. U posted my shit once, I been sign to NBA for 3 years, but I’m raw so I kept dis shit goin on my own.”

YoungBoy responded by saying that his problem had nothing to do with music. He openly asserted himself to be a greater rapper than Jay-Z, then accused NoCap of riding on his coattails.

“Jay-Z can’t out rap me boy, this ain’t bout no music. You just a scary bitch,” he wrote. I wanted revenged on the labels n***a. I’m holding over here. You ain’t even got 300k for yo tax bill clown. Just project yourself pussy. You play industry chess but just don’t know this game ain’t got no loyalty. These rapper gone kill yo pussy ass.”

He continued: “You ran with me because I was popping at the moment. Shit hit the fan you couldn’t even take a picture with Quando. You a bitch. Fuck you, n***a. Let yo mama love you. Go make a song bout it bitch, make me some money. The show must go on.” NoCap rejected YoungBoy's claims, claiming that he has never "ran away from shit."