Kelsey, Megan Thee Stallion's Ex-BFF, Denies Statements on the Stand - WhatsOnRap

Kelsey Nicole took the stand and admitted she lied! She said she never saw Tory Lanez pull a gun out or shoot Megan Thee Stallion

The main witness is Megan Thee Stallion's ex-best friend, who now doesn't appear to recall anything about the night in issue... which amounts to a chaotic day in court.

Kelsey Nicole Harris, the other lady in the car alongside Tory Lanez and MTS during the 2020 shooting, sent up fireworks Wednesday when she was summoned to the stand by the prosecution, almost immediately demanding and getting immunity in the case for her evidence.

Considering this, Kelsey proved to be a powerful demanding witness throughout the direct examination, often invoking her 5th Amendment rights and frequently asking the judge if she had to answer particular questions – reluctantly doing so when she did actually speak.

She clearly stated in the court on Wednesday that she did NOT shoot Megan Thee Stallion, contradicting the defense's hypothesis that she may have.

Now, it's unsure who she claims perpetrated the shot. Kelsey did testify at one point that Tory threatened to shoot her (Kelsey), but later on the stand, Kelsey seemed to backtrack... trying to say testimony under oath she'd given investigators in the lead-up to this trial wasn't entirely truthful, despite being played back recordings of her saying just that back in September.

Prosecutors definitely expected her to raise the finger at Tory, but she hasn't done so yet... and this might be terrible for the prosecution's case.