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Akon Defends Kanye West for Praising Hitler & Nazis

Akon is supporting Kanye West after his odd appearance with Alex Jones this week in which he praised Adolph Hitler and Nazis. Ye has the right to think about what he believes, according to the rap artiste, even if he disagrees with his ideas.

Akon spoke on Sky News' morning show on Friday (Dec. 2), when the subject of Kanye West came up. During an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his InfoWars program, the Senegalese-born rapper was asked about Ye's praise of Adolf Hitler and Nazis.

When Sky News reporter Anna Jones questioned Akon why he continues to support Ye, he responded:

"I show support for opinion and I think people will always have a specific opinion and I think the moment we get to the place where we close our minds up to other people's opinion, it kind of doesn't allow us to get to better know each other better know our mindsets and more than anything better know our movements."

"I think sometimes we should open up our minds and let things play all the way out and better understand the situation so we have a better solution," the "Locked Up" artist added.

Akon continued by saying that he was "a backer of the right to believe what you want to believe," but that if he and Kanye had a chat, he would let him know that he disagreed with his views because "communication is key."

Once asked if Kanye West's offensive comments irritated him, Akon said, "Not really because those comments don't really affect me personally...and if it does affect you personally, then find a way to actually respond in a way where that conversation can be reciprocated."

"Because I think sometimes when someone is offended they just lash out in defense or lash out to make that person feel that same offense that they felt," he continued. "I think when you take negative and you applied the response negatively back, you only get negative back." 

Finally, Akon stated: "So I think it's really a matter of both understanding what it is. Don't take things too personally until you really understand the situation."