Memphis Rapper Big Scarr Died From Drug Overdose - WhatsOnRap

Big Scarr’s uncle revealed that Scarr passed away due to an overdose

According to reports obtains from TMZ and Big Scarr's family, Memphis Rapper died as a consequence of a tragic prescription pain medication overdose.

Big Scarr died from an overdose of prescription drugs Thursday at his girlfriend's residence in Memphis, according to his uncle, Arthur Woods.

Big Scarr's uncle claims he doesn't know when his nephew received the medications... but he says Big Scarr has been through multiple terrible incidents, including being shot and suffering significant car accident injuries.

The rapper obtained his stage moniker after a vehicle accident when he was 16 years old. When he was catapulted through a windshield, it left a large scar on his body. Big Scarr was hit by a bullet that ran up his spine during the 2020 shooting, and he had surgery to remove his appendix.

Big Scarr, according to his uncle, also struggled with depression, noting the rapper's grandmother's death as a particularly difficult experience.

As previously reported, Big Scarr was pronounced deceased on Thursday, with no evidence of foul play, according to law enforcement officials.