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Footage Shows Chrisean Rock’s Dad Punching Blueface Airs on Crazy in Love Show

Chrisean Rock's father hitting Blueface was shown in full on the first episode of their reality program Crazy in Love.

The Zeus Network aired the launch of the explosive couple's new program last night (Dec. 11). The whole battle between Blueface and Chrisean Rock's father was revealed during the program, after video of the altercation was released in September. Rock's father meets Blueface outside of a hotel in the latest video.

"I'm her father," the man says. Blueface answers, "Nice to meet you, father." "Don't ever, ever do that again. Don't ever touch my daughter like that again," Chrisean Rock's father cautions. "So you teach your daughter to hands on men?" Blueface inquires.

Shortly, Rock's father fires a vicious right cross that connects with Blueface's chin, resulting in a fight. TMZ was the first to publish video of this incident in September. Blueface got his lick back later when he sucker-struck his future father-in-law. Later, Chrisean Rock remarked about the fight on social media.

"So my boyfriend knocked out my dad," she stated on Instagram. "Da family stuff didn't go well ion even know what's going on."

On Twitter, Rock also commented on the knockout."The same dad [that] got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mama up in da woods just to beat her cause she screem so loud in the house when he beated her in front of us," she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "So he went out his way to damage my whole family that same dad I met when I was seven."

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's relationship has not been harmed by the messy incident. Blueface is presently charged with attempted murder in connection with a separate October shooting. He is free on bail.