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GUNNA WILL NOT BE TESTIFYING AGAINST YSL.   “A source with knowledge of the case tells Rolling Stone that Gunna will not be called to testify against any defendants in the indictment against YSL”.

According to an insider close to the case, rapper Gunna, will not testefy against Atlanta-based YSL. Under an Alford plea bargain, Kitchens was freed from the Fulton County Jail on Wednesday and sentenced to five years in prison, four of which were suspended and the first year reduced to time served.

reveals the insider, who requested anonymity because to the sensitivity of the YSL case. “It is understood that the state will not subpoena him as a witness, That’s why the plea agreement is written that way, because the whole idea was: The state wouldn’t call him, and they didn’t want the defense to call him either. If you look at what was said in court, that prevents the defense from calling him, but also shows that he will never testify for the state.” The source claims the goal of the plea is to “neutralize him and to keep out of the game.”

Kitchens stated in a statement released following his release that he "did not make any remarks, was NOT interrogated, did NOT collaborate, did NOT consent to testify or witness for or against any party in the case, and absolutely NONE." 

And the source backs up Gunna's claim that he will not testify on behalf of Fulton County prosecutors or other defendants in the case, stressing that the plea bargain authorizes him to do so if the agreement is violated in any manner.

On Wednesday, court footage from Gunna's Alford Plea hearing was made public through Twitter. Gunna admitted that he "had firsthand knowledge of members of YSL who committed crimes in behalf of a gang" and agreed that "YSL must terminate as a gang". He also acknowledged to being there with Young Thug during a traffic stop in 2017 when officers discovered cocaine and a weapon in the car.

 Viewers were outraged, speculating that Gunna was working with YSL defendants or that his words might harm other defendants in the YSL case, including Thug.