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Lil Nas X Reveals He Has a 1-Year-Old Son, Says He is No Longer Going to 'Hide' Him From This 'Cruel World' : Photos

The 23-year-old rapper Lil Nas X has confessed that he has been a parent for some time now, revealing that he has a hidden kid whom he is no longer hiding from "this world."

The Grammy Award-winning singer revealed the surprising pregnancy news on Instagram on Wednesday, December 28. On his Story, he posted a photo of a baby boy, presumably his son, posing with a plush toy nearly his size.

Lil Nas X clarified his previous post in the following Story, writing, "yes I have a son and I'm no longer going to hide him from this cruel world." He eventually added to it with a purported flashback photo of the boy from September 27, 2021.