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Megan Thee Stallion's Bodyguard Reportedly Claimed Tory Lanez Apologized For Shooting

According to Megan Thee Stallion's security, Tory Lanez apologized for sh**ting his client.

However according to Rolling Stone, a day after the incident in July 2020, Lanez apologized to him for sh**ting the "Savage" rapper while at his rented residence. Lanez is reported to have called the incident a "alcohol-fueled accident."

Although Edison was not there at the time of the alleged sh**ting, he reportedly got a text message from Megan's former friend and assistant Kelsey Harris that read, "Help/Tory sh*t meg/911."

Edison was supposed to testify this week, but he ceased interacting with police and Megan Thee Stallion's defence representatives.

However, during court hearings on Friday (December 16), Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott asked Judge David Herriford to release the "body attachment" (a form of warrant). Bott stated in his opening statement on Monday (December 12) that Edison will testify about how Lanez allegedly fired the trigger on that tragic night.

Megan The Stallion's lawyer, Alex Spiro, stated on Saturday (December 17) that Edison ceased speaking with law enforcement officers this week and is presently being pursued.

"We recently learned that Justin Edison went missing right before he was scheduled to appear in court. The District Attorney's Office in Los Angeles is now investigating his disappearance and appreciates any information on his location." Spiro highlighted.

One Twitter user said that Edison was now a "lost person" and his comment was one of the key reasons why Tory was detained.

“Megan’s bodyguard Justin Edison is now considered a missing person. He was supposed to testify yesterday,” the tweet began. “He’s the sole reason Tory got charged. He went to Tory’s house to get Megan’s things, he claim Tory confessed that he sh*t Meg and now he’s missing out of nowhere, yeah okay.”