DJ Khaled headed to MECCA with Mike Tyson and Father Of Tyson.

DJ Khaled and boxing legend Mike Tyson recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, where they visited the city of Makkah. On Friday (December 9), the GOD DID producer posted an Instagram video of himself sobbing when he first visited the Ka'bah

[Editor's Note: The Ka'bah is a small stone building in the court of Mecca's Great Mosque that contains a sacred black stone and serves as the goal of Islamic pilgrimage and the point toward which Muslims pray.]

“The second I walked in Mecca tears came down my eyes Tears of joy,” “My whole life I wanted to go to MECCA TO PRAY AND TO GIVE MY GRATITUDE TO ALLAH. I prayed for the world for more love, more life, more peace, more joy, more happiness, more health and protection for all of us! GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!!! It’s so beautiful we all ONE LOVE here. GOD DID !!!!!!! Bless up my brother @miketyson In the caption, he writes.

DJ Khaled also made a trip in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he played songs from his current album, GOD DID. He addressed the incident in another Instagram video, writing:

“Saudi Arabia. Riyadh thank you for having me SONG OF THE YEAR ! GOD DID! OH YES HE DID ! When I rise up in morning I’ll post more of the love that you showed me and my friends very very grateful for the love tears of joy ! @wethebestmusic @rocnation ! Thank u @mdlbeast @mdlbeast.soundstorm @richforever.”

During a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, DJ Khaled stated, "It would take me 40 years to tell you everything I pray for because I pray almost every second of the day." It's the way I was brought up, and it keeps a shield around me."