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NBA YOUNGBOY Says Quando Rondo Is A 'Way Better' Rapper Than Him

NBA YoungBoy has previously honored his artist Quando Rondo, but on an edition of Never Broke Again Radio, he recently gave him his largest co-sign.

YoungBoy broadcast episode two of his new program over the weekend and took the opportunity to thank the Savannah, Georgia native who was the first signee to his company, Never Broke Again, LLC. Rondo, according to YoungBoy, is a lot better rapper than he is, and people should recognize it.

“It’s crazy, I don’t know,” YoungBoy said as someone revealed they love it when the two rap together. “The world be hating so bad, and I be keeping it so gangsta. Man, Quando rap way better than me, and them bitches be hating on my five. I don’t like that twisted ass shit.”

NBA's criticisms on Rondo come after the two discontinued their collaboration endeavor 3860 last month. The album contains 16 tracks and one appearance from Lul Timm, who reportedly killed King Von following an argument between the Chicago rapper and Rondo in November 2020.

Von charged YoungBoy of having "cap in [his] raps" while listening to his 2018 single "Play Wit Us" on Instagram Live months before. Von was also said to be dating YoungBoy's ex-girlfriend and baby mother, Jania Meshell. On the 3860 album, notably the song "Want Me Dead," Rondo dissed Von and his family.

“My favorite opp dead, sister talk too much, no, I don’t like the bitch / Lul Timmy rolled her brother up, got stepped on in some Nike kicks,” Quando raps on the TJ Produced It and Yaktree-produced track.