SZA Says ‘SOS’ Album Would’ve Had More Features If She Wasn’t Ghosted - WhatsOnRap

SZA returns with her new album “SOS” featuring Travis Scott, Don Toliver, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard

SZA spoke on HOT 97's "Nessa On Air" yesterday (Dec. 6) and stated that she could have had more appearances on her next album, SOS, but several of her expected partners did not turn in their verses on time.

“For a lot of these people, I didn’t turn in my verse, so I can’t be too mad. But also, in the same token, it’s like, ‘Damn this sucks, I really needed you. I wish you showed up for me.’ But I’m sure they felt the same way for me,”

the singer told Nessa Diab, the host. SZA revealed the album's official trailer and tracklist on Monday (Dec. 5).

SOS is the singer's second studio album, and it will be released this Friday (Dec. 9). The album will include collaborations with Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, Travis Scott, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. It also includes 23 songs and previously released singles such as "Shirt," "I Hate U," and "Good Days."

The New Jersey native expressed her appreciation for Scott, who also made an appearance on her debut album, CTRL.. “I really appreciate that he’s just a consistent friend in my life and really believes in me as an artist,” SZA said.

She added, “I’m grateful Phoebe showed up for me, I didn’t think she would come to the studio in person. She did, which is crazy. We laughed, it's just hilarious."

In response to Ol' Dirty Bastard's feature, she said, “It was definitely like, ‘I doubt that this is going to be allowed to be on the album,’ but it surprisingly was. I talked to his estate. It really just came from a piece of documentary footage from Rodney Jerkins, and he was sweet enough to let me use that. [Ol’ Dirty Bastard] was freestyling in the back of the footage, so I took the audio.”