Takeoff's Alleged Killer Wants Judge To Help In Defense Funding - WhatsOnRap

Takeoff’s alleged murderer asked the judge for $5,000 because he can’t afford a private investigator to help build his defense 

Takeoff was horribly shot and died at a private party in Houston a little over a month ago. Houston police arrested and charged the alleged gunman, Patrick Xavier Clark, with murder concerning Takeoff's untimely death last week.

Clark is now alleging that he cannot afford to hire a private investigator. The accused is asking a court for the money because he will need it to begin crafting his defense.

Clark is seeking an initial settlement of $5,000, according to legal filings obtained by TMZ. He claims he requires the funds to employ a private investigator. According to the filings, he is "financially unable to afford the fees."

The suspected killer claims to have already recruited a private investigator who will work on the case for $85 per hour. He just does not have the funds to pay for it himself.

The documents also say that Clark's family cannot assist financially since they have spent all of their money on his counsel.

The attorney also claims that a private investigator is required in the Takeoff case. He believes he needs to "properly investigate [Clark's] case and effectively prepare for trial."

According to DJ Akademiks, the alleged 33-year-old is a well-known DJ in the Houston region who goes by the moniker DJ Pat.