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Lawyer says Megan Thee Stallion slept with Tory Lanez, Ben Simmons, & DaBaby 😳

This trial has a lot of people talking about Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion...and Ben Simmons. Megan was hurt in a fight in Hollywood Hills in July 2020. She then came out to claim that Lanez, a former acquaintance of hers, shot her in the foot. 

Lanez disputed the claims, and his defense team argued that Kelsey Nicole Harris is the one responsible during the opening remarks of his trial.

According to many stories published on December 12, the defense claims that Harris and Megan got into a verbal argument with Lanez while inside an SUV

He was reported to have confessed he was having a s..ual connection with Megan, which sparked a quarrel between the two women. Lanez allegedly dated Harris previously.

Furthermore, the defense team argues Harris was unsurprised during this altercation. She apparently said Megan had s.. with males she dated in the past, including DaBaby and Ben Simmons.

After the story went viral, according to Shade Room, They claim to have spoken with a "source" who accused Lanez and his defense team of lying since Harris has never met Simmon.

During opening remarks, the public has weighed in significantly on fresh disclosures from both the prosecution and the defense. People were tuned in, waiting for Simmons' reply.

The NBA player did not make an explicit comment about reportedly having s.. with his ex-best mates. He did, however, post a video of Rick Ross to his Instagram Story, in which the Florida legend yelled, "Accusations! False allegations!"

Besides that, the prosecutors claim that Lanez not only shot Megan, but also punched Harris. They also claim to have recordings of a prison call between Lanez and Harris in which he apologized.

Megan is expected to testify this week, according to reports. Harris will also testify for the prosecution as a witness.