Kelsey Harris told prosecutors during interview that she saw Lanez Sh**ting On Megan - WhatsOnRap

Megan Thee Stallion's ex-friend Kelsey Harris says she absolutely saw Tory Lanez firing a gun at Meg.

Kelsey Harris, Megan Thee Stallion's ex-friend, says she witnessed Tory Lanez sh**t a firearm at Megthat's what she told police back in September, and the jury heard the entire interaction today.

Kelsey had been cautious, to say the least, to provide many specifics during her testimony this week, but prosecutors aired recordings of her full interview with detectives earlier this year... until she disclosed every detail from that July 2020 night on Friday.

Kelsey claims that she and Tory initially argued in the SUV after the party at Kylie Jenner's house when he made fun of Megan. When Kelsey stepped forward to defend her buddy, Tory allegedly sh*uted, "My n***a, I'm gonna sh**t you." Tory, according to Kelsey, groped for the center console but did nothing else.

The truck was stopped at that moment. Then she claims Meg and Tory began disparaging one other's jobs, and things became so hot that both Meg and Kelsey exited the SUV.

Kelsey claims she heard gunfire very immediately, and that after the second or third sh*t, she turned around and saw Tory in the front seat sh**ting the pistol forward, over the open right front door towards Meg's direction.

Kelsey was standing outside the car, but behind Tory, and could only see Meg from her breast up. She went toward Megan "in defense mode," and found her bleeding... as Tory sat in the front seat, clearly in disbelief.

She alleges Tory approached them, and that's when Kelsey and Tory began fighting. She remembers Tory attacking her and adds that she did not see a pistol at the time.

When the cops came, Kelsey alleges Tory ordered them not to say anything because he was going to sign a large contract, and he promised each ladies $1 million. So far, only a piece of Kelsey's interview has been shown, but there will be more to come.