YNW Melly begs Joe Biden, Meek Mill, Kim Kardashian, And others For Assistance After Phone Privileges Been Revoked - WhatsOnRap 

#YNWMelly says the staff took his phone privileges away and won't let him call his family. He also stated he is being mistreated

YNW Melly has had an undeniably difficult few weeks. The Broward County native learned that he is now eligible for the death penalty. According to recent reports, his mother is being accused of witness tampering.

Following a time of silence, the "Murder On My Mind" hitmaker issued an emotional apology on Instagram Friday (December 3). "I'm smiling in the picture from over a year ago," he continued.

“But as I speak to you from my cell at this very [moment], I am weeping in the present. I have been mute for years about the mistreatment, discrimination and misuse of authority. Mentally and emotionally [abused], I have been suffering and in fear [of] B.S.O staff Captain Archibald [and] Captain Hubert.”

"XO Jean Baptiste and XO Jenkins are just a few names of high-ranking staff who have enforced this treatment," he continued. Melly has not had phone privileges since April 8th, according to the post. "Captain Archibald revoked my calls for talking on the phone with another inmate pin," he explained.

"Usually, when someone faces discipline for this, it is a 30-day phone ban." No other inmate in this jail is being treated this way after eight months. For months at a time, I haven't spoken to family, friends, managers, or accountants."As Melly notes, this has made it difficult for him to pay bills and take care of his household and livelihood – much less “talk to anyone for relaxation, pleasure, or stress relief.”

Melly claims that B.S.O is aware of these issues, but he remains hidden from the rest of the world. "Not hearing the voices of my family has psychologically and emotionally tormented me into profound depression," he said in his essay.

The Florida native reminded the world that he is "innocent until proven guilty," and that he has the right to communicate with his family. "Whoever took my [privileges] has a personal grudge against me." This is genuine mistreatment and discrimination, combined with pain and suffering."

“I cannot do my time like this awaiting trial being secluded because of my celebrity status and social media following,” he concluded. 

Later, the “Uptown Vibes” hitmaker came through with a response, sending out a “Free Melly” message via Twitter. “They treat us like slaves when they got us all alone,” Meek added in the same post.