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Yungeen Ace & EST GEE Team Up For “Gang Nem”

Yungeen Ace maintained a consistent stream of releases this year, a habit he has not slowed as the year draws to a conclusion. He launched All On Me in April, along with a flurry of hits, which was a high-profile moment for the Jacksonville rapper

Furthermore, Survivor Of The Trenches was released this week, and it has a number of notable verses and features. Yungeen's song "Gang Nem" with Louisville's EST Gee is making waves for its energy and performances.

In addition, Rob49, SleazyWorldGo, Real Boston Richey, GMK, and FastMoney Goon appear on Survivor Of The Trenches. The CD is a mix of harsh street rap that will satisfy that desire to varying degrees throughout. 

However, "Gang Nem" is one of the strongest instances of such sound on the album. EST Gee is a pioneer of the current style, even pushing outsiders like MGK out of his pop-punk period and back to spitting bars.

"Gang Nem" is an instrumental trap track with deep, buried bass and very little melody by Yungeen and Gee. It's largely based on the drum beat, repeated bells, and the flows of both MCs. It's a simple sound, yet it draws attention to the rapper on the track more than ever before. 

However, there are a few more aspects that provide more direct support for the song. Some creepy synths float softly in the song's atmosphere, and occasional hits of low piano notes emphasize the song's foreboding nature.

In terms of flows, both Yungeen Ace and EST Gee produce on-par results with constant production. Ace's flow is a little bland in the sense that it doesn't lend itself as easily to a certain location or style. To avoid the song being too repetitious, he switches it from the verse to the chorus. In addition, he increases his performance vigor as the verse progresses, finally slowing down to the laid-back attitude of the chorus.