Shots Went Off during Finesse2Tymes’ Show Earlier Leaving 3 People Injured - WhatsOnRap

Three People Were Reportedly Injured In Knoxville After Shots Went Off During A Finesse2Tymes Concert.

According to the Knoxville Police Department, three people were shot during a rap concert in Knoxville.

Officers from Knoxville Police responded to a shooting at My Canna Buds on Clinton Highway around 2:20 a.m. on Monday. Officers on the scene discovered three gunshot victims. They were subsequently transferred to the University of Tennessee Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, according to authorities.

As shown in a post on the rapper's Instagram, Finesse2tymes performed at My Canna Buds on Sunday night. According to officers, an incident ensued during the performance, and bullets were fired.

“As soon as the shots happened, everybody dropped their drinks … and within a split second there was nobody in that building,” concert attendee Kierra Daugherty said.

Brandon Brown, who was at the event with Daugherty, claimed he ordered her to "lay low" until the cops came. “For a second, it really did feel like we were about to get shot, like, we were very close,” Daugherty said.

According to a KPD official, various people are thought to have fired bullets, and multiple guns were discovered at the location. According to the spokesperson, numerous witnesses and potential suspects have been detained for further investigation.