Sheek Louch Praises Pusha T For Leaving Kanye West's GOOD Music Following The Controversy - WhatsOnRap

Sheek Louch thinks Pusha T did himself a favor by choosing to part ways with Kanye West following his 2022 string of hate and antisemitism.

Sheek Louch praised Pusha T for leaving GOOD Music in the midst of Kanye West's latest controversial opinions, which included praising Adolf Hitler.

The LOX rapper talked out to Vlad TV about the group's appearance on Ye's 2021 DONDA album. Sheek had some kind words for Push when he found out he was leaving the label, in addition to saying he would never have participated if Ye's comments had come before the project.

“I’m not for it. I’m not wit none of those comments,” Sheek said about Ye. “I ain’t gon’ lie – I’m not with nothing he’s talking about right now period. I don’t give a fuck what song or what project I’m on. A lot of stuff probably wouldn’t have happened … I ain’t talking about no fucking sneaker deals or none of that shit.”

He continued: “Like say those comments was made before that – you know we wouldn’t have went out there. Nobody would have done nothing at all. I don’t know who else would have jumped on his project and all that but I know I wouldn’t have.” “Shout out to Pusha!” Sheek Louch added. “I swear to God I never actually thought what he thought of everything. ‘Cause he was the president, right? He’s solid. Good for you, bro. I mean, you don’t gotta hate him. “Because I’m sure they got a relationship, they know each other well – probably been through some shit more than me and you even know. You don’t gotta hate him, but dog, I can’t stand for the shit you talking right now.”

Sheek also expressed dissatisfaction with Kanye's use of the Black card in issues involving Kim Kardashian while remaining on his "white man kind of side."

“It’s like for me, just me – it’s not no anybody else talking – I hear him do all that crazy shit and then when he talk about his beef with his baby mother, he go back to being, ‘You can’t do a Black man like this.’ He goes back to that ‘a Black man’ when he’s dealing with them and other than that he goes back to this other shit on his white man kind of side.”