Yung Miami’s Best Friend, Momo, Got Into An Altercation With King Von’s Sister, Kayla B, Again - WhatsOnRap

King Von’s sister Kayla B And Yung Miami’s Best Friend Momo Linked Up For A Rematch From Last Year. Kayla B Has Been Arrested Over The Fight.

A viral video shows rapper Yung Miami's closest pal Momo getting into another brawl with King Von's sister Kayla B. A video released on Twitter with the handle @TNHTalk showed two girls arguing inside what looks to be a restroom. 

Momo is dressed in pink, while Kayla appears to be dressed in green in the video. They look to be punching each other.

The cause for the brawl is still unknown, however numerous Twitter users commented to the now-viral footage, with one stating,“Th is how I will be fighting in my dreams they need to wake up!!!” “Girl wish I would keep fighting somebody behind my baby daddy she would be somewhere fighting for her life. glad girl fought back at least,” another added. 

However, it wasn't the first time Momo and Kayla had a heated argument. Another video of them fighting in a parking lot went viral in February 2022.

At the time, numerous social media users assumed the disagreement was the result of their ostensibly tangled love lives, as Momo was dating Kayla's ex-boyfriend. Kayla was observed shoving Momo against automobiles in the parking lot while attempting to assault her. "Get this b**** off of me!" yelled Momo. Kayla was also seen hitting her and pulling at her hair as onlookers tried to pry them apart.

Momo and Kayla began mocking each other on their respective Twitter accounts shortly after the videos were posted. At the time, Kayla stated,

 “I was at my son’s football practice being picked at. She wasn’t supposed to be there, her son lives in Miami. I did not fight over a n****!!!!! Her and him been on FINSTA talking s*** bothering me for weeks! They both came 2 my child football practice tryna be funny I been left that n**** 4 months AGO!” 

Momo took a swipe at Kaya, stating,  “I don’t give a f**k b**ch I’m no sumo wrestler. I haven’t had a fight in 10 years, b**ch I don’t care. Assault and battery bi**h. I’m a princess.”