BlueFace Calls Out Akademiks To A Fight After Akademiks Challenged Lil Baby To a 1-On-1 - WhatsOnRap

Blueface tells Akademiks he wants to throw hands

Blueface and Akademiks' feud has flamed on social media, with the rapper asking Akademiks to a fight.

The feud between the two began earlier this month when they swapped tweets disparaging each other's professions and alleged financial troubles.

Blueface recently called out Akademiks during a No Jumper interview for hating on his Crazy In Love reality series, which covers his volatile relationship with on-again, off-again fiancée Chrisean Rock.

In reaction, Blueface's $1.5 million "camouflage" property is in pre-foreclosure, according to Akademiks, who challenged the "broke" rapper to submit financial records to prove him wrong during a Twitch live.

Blueface said in a tweet on Sunday (January 22) that his lender is presently attempting to confiscate the house, which is his second home, due to an excessive amount of "nuisance" calls.

“They tryna take my 2nd house because the police has labeled it as a ‘nuisance’ to the area due to…to many 911 calls for Robbery shootings fights ETC,” he wrote. “I know ak thought he ate an had a way to say he had more doe then me but money can’t fix everything ak has 1 house he’s renting.”

"Key word is 'trying,' guarantee they don't, and I will still have more houses than @Akademiks in his old age," he added.

Then there's Blueface that went to mock and said: “Akademiks makes money off donations get a real job bro.”

Blueface claimed during No Jumper interview that Drake follows Chrisean Rock on Instagram because he's "infatuated" with the L.A. rapper, which Akademiks mocked.

“Blueface on drugs guys,” he wrote. “it was confirmed to me by a few ppl and definitely once he said Drake followed his girl cuz he was infatuated with him… Cmon dog . Get some help.”

Blueface later sent out a couple of tweets alleging to be "teaching" Akademiks regarding property ownership, while simultaneously mocking him for "barely leasing [his] first house at 31" and being "in a room on twitch begging people for contributions playing with himself."

The 26-year-old then upped the ante by sharing a video of Akademiks daring Lil Baby to a fight, and challenged the podcast host to do the same. "I'll take da fade ak?" he wrote, accompanied by a boxing glove emoji.

"Bet not turn down the fade after you said all that for lil baby your next response better be yo best caught you in a mouse trap now," he added, taunting his rival further.

Blueface returned to Twitter hours later to fire additional shots at Akademiks after the media celebrity failed to answer.

“Crickets,” he tweeted, before adding: “Crazy n-ggas pick an choose who they wanna be tough with who wanna squabble up tho.”

He also shared a video of Akademiks seemingly withdrawing his challenge to Lil Baby by saying he doesn't want to box him, followed by a GIF of Deebo from Friday threatening Red's father during a scene from the film. "Had all the energy for lil baby tho cuz said I'm not boxing you [crying face emoji]," he wrote.

Akademiks ultimately replied in a derogatory manner, bringing up Blueface's recent accusation that Chrisean Rock's unborn kid isn't his since she had slept with "10 other men in the previous year," as well as mocking her numerous violent attacks on him.

“Fight the 10 N-ggas who piped ya girl out + the the girl who keep beating ur ass and IM100% down N-gga. MMA shit,” he retorted. “Imma buy ur foreclosure house and kick u and ur child and the mother of ur child out and the 10 n-ggas she done f*cked!!!!! [crying face emojis].”

He continued: “Blueface said 10 N-ggas F*CKED his girl in the last year and she still dropped a video of him eating that nasty SNATCH. own up to ur responsibility. U FINNA BE ON CHILD SUPPORT @bluefacebleedem. GET UR MANHOOD back from ya girl.”

Akademiks immediately offered conducting a dna test for Chrisean Rock's child on his Twitch channel, paying $5,000 to each of the ten guys she supposedly slept with.

“I got $5 K per N-gga who F*cked BLUEFACE girl who down to get on my twitch stream breaking it down how it happened. DNA test included,” he wrote. “F*ck maury. BIG AK finna do a paternity test for that broke Ass N-gga BLUEFACE . Im pledging $50k for this effort. WHO GOT BLUEFACE girl pregnant.”