Dj Akademiks Says Chrisean Rock Is Ruining Blueface's Career & Wack 100 Agrees - WhatsOnRap

Akademiks says he's genuinely concerned for Blueface's career ... especially after his GF Chrisean Rock's admission she smacked him upside the head with a glass of Hennessy!!!

Akademiks expresses real concern for Blueface's career, particularly after his GF Chrisean Rock admitted to smacking him above the head with a glass of Hennessy!!!

Chrisean was seen wiping a large, bleeding hole off the back of Blueface's skull in a viral footage from their reality program "Crazy in Love"... the aftermath of yet another domestic violence episode between the pair.

Ak combed Instagram for comments regarding Chrisean's actions outweighing Blueface's musical talent, a feeling echoed by members of the rapper's crew.

Wack 100, Blueface's manager, recently challenged Chrisean on the program, warning her that Blueface hasn't had a hit in years.

Ak also revealed a private talk he had with Offset about having a lower profile than his wife, Cardi B... and the Migos musician apparently informed him that the pressure benefits his own hustle.

Cardi B and Offset are going to appear in a McDonald's Super Bowl ad, according to TMZ Hip Hop, demonstrating their synergy as a couple and business partners.